Vito Original Founder Vito’s Meats & Provisions started back in 1982 when I bought a small route. Back then, my day started at 2:30 AM. By 3:00 AM, I’d be shopping around the produce market for the best quality products at the best prices. For my customers, I wanted nothing but the best and at reasonable prices. I built this business with hard work, honesty, service, quality, and product consistency.

I had a great rapport with my customers and with the people who worked their stores. Eventually, some of those employees would go on to open their own store.

I serviced everyone, never caring whether their store was big or small. All of my customers, regardless of size, were treated as if they were the biggest customer in the world!

I worked alone for several years. The business eventually kept growing, and I hired someone to work the truck with me. This allowed me to keep timely deliveries and return to the office to sort out the day and continue taking new orders for the following days.

Most days, I would finish by 7:30 PM, and I loved every minute of it. I eventually hired a kid by the name of Jose. He was a shy 18 year-old. I had the pleasure and privilege of watching him grow to be a fine young man. He had and still has many fine qualities that are hard to come by and that were and still are indispensable for this business. He cared for the Vito's as if it was his own. He is a very hard worker and always did the right thing.

He was always there for me and I was there for him. We developed a close bond that was like a father/son relationship. Jose eventually took over the business and I have watched him take Vito’s Meats and Provisions to another level. To say that I am very proud of Jose is an understatement. To this day our relationship remains the same and always will.

Vito Capaldo - Original Founder