Product Categories

We deliver the highest quality of products, keeping our customers stocked with the freshest products available. Our climate-controlled tucks allow us to deliver all our products fresh and efficiently.

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Meat and Poultry

Vito’s looks for the highest quality meats available in the market. We inspect each piece and offer any custom cut you need.


Trendy dining restaurants are improving and increasing the amount of seafood in their menus. Careful customers are seeking more of this trendy, health, food option. All our trucks are equipped to maintain the correct temperature as we deliver your orders every morning.


Dairy is an important part of our diet as well as a part of many recipes across all the different ethnic groups in South Florida. We offer high-quality dairy products made from premium ingredients to fulfill all the many different uses.


The freshest flavors can be added to a menu with the correct produce. For every occasion, we have the perfect high-quality product for your needs.


The variety of beverages plays a big role in customer satisfaction. Our wide selection of different types and sizes help our customers offer exactly what their customers are asking for.

Canned / Dry

Our canned or dry category include all the essential like, canned goods, dry goods, such as nuts, seeds, grains, seasonings/spices and baking ingredients.


The frozen category is on the rise as more frequent purchasing than last year with Millennials leading the way. The variety and quality have improved allowing restaurant owners to expand their menus using more frozen items.


We offer all the cleaning products, paper goods, soaps, and detergents that keep kitchens sanitary and customers healthy. We offer all supplies and equipment, including appliances, cutlery, plates, cutting boards, and more for all your restaurants needs


We offer our customers a wide range of innovative products and solutions to help grow their business in the constantly evolving food industry.